UPDATED – FEC17 Steak Dinner Promotion: Qualification Details

Steak Dinner

One more detail: IBO’s will need to accomplish the first step of the Fast Track, 50/150 [150 total PV, 0f which 50 PV is customer volume] in each month of July , August, and September. We are sorry for the additional clarification. This was announced during Summer Conference, but it was not listed in the recent promotional reminders.

The qualifications have been updated!

You still have a chance to qualify for a steak dinner like this one that we had during Summer Conference.

Congratulations to all of the July qualifiers that completed 15 STPs, sponsored at least 1 new IBO from their plans, and completed 150 personal PV of which 50 was from customer volume. Kudos to all who came close to qualifying by completing at least one of the 3 qualifications. The Meadows leadership team have decided to update the qualifications for the Recognition Steak Dinner to the following for all IBOs.

In the months of July, August and September, for each month you are registered in the business:

  1. Show the plan an average of at least 15 times per month, in depth or personal.
  2. Sponsor an average of at least 1 per month, that you have shown the plan to, in depth or personal.
  3. Do an average of at least 150 personal PV, 50 of which being from customer volume per month.
For each person that you sponsor, that you have shown the plan to, your name will be entered into drawings for $100.