Thank You, Winter Conference Helpers!


The Meadows team ROCKED IT!!!!!

If you were out in the audience you may have not known that the Meadows team was back stage running the show during Winter Conference. And we did it “like a team”!!! Your leaders each took a session and ran it as their own.  The Yagers have not rotated groups before, but we did it! 

Thank you so much to your leaders for their help during Winter Conference! I love working with our team! Everyone has such a great attitude! You just jump in and make it happen! And you were so complimentary of me. But, I think each one of the Show Directors and Stage assistants did better than me on Sunday. Ha! 😊  This is a huge responsibility and each one of these people took time out of their weekend to make it better. Please, thank them when you see them. I hope we listed everyone. I apologize if I overlooked someone. 🙂

Thank you,

Greg Meadows

Aaron Thompson
Bill & Val Kosmieja
Calvin & Karie Hammond
Craig Major
Craig Sufficool
Dallas & Linda Reeves
Dan & Betsy Smith
Dan Hanson
Dave & Lilli Stevens
Jerry & Sheri Granmo
Joel Wiese
Ken & Lisa Farnham
Lillian Cooke
Matt Rosburg
Mike & Liz Roberts
Monica Von Seggeren
Nate & Jasmine Dary
Reed & Cindy DeVries
Reed Snyder
Rob Grygar & Helen Davis
Stacy Houk
Stan Boyd
Steph Rosburg
Tim Thompson
Wendy Crowell






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