Luxury Airline Experience!

“The design, development and installation of the new interior on the 19 A380s will cost the airline roughly US$850 million.”

“In total, the new interior will feature 471 seats split into four cabins; six first-class suites and 78 business class seats on the upper deck, along with 44 premium economy seats and 343 economy seats on the main deck.”

Singapore Airlines unveiled the all-new cabins that will be installed on its fleet of Airbus A380 Superjumbos in November 2017. 


Singapore Air

Luxury Airbus



Business class is also luxurious!

Each business class seat is 25-inches wide with 50 inches of pitch and is cocooned inside a carbon composite shell for added privacy. The seats also convert into a 78-inch long bed. Like the suite, the business class seat is also upholstered by Poltrona Frau.



  1. How can I read posts when they r password protected. I would like to be contacted on how to. Please I also wanted to book room for SL but it is password protected as well.


    1. Hi Nate, please email, they will be able to assist you.


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