Dr. Chet – Audio’s at Your Fingertips

Digital-Only audios by Dr. Chet Zelasko

CD1201E “Maximize Your Health: The History of Artificial Sweeteners, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Nitric Oxide Update. Everything You Need to Know about Krill Oil.”

CD1202E “Maximize Your Health: Everything on Vitamin C, This is your Core, Type III Error, Protect Skin, Sugar and Salt, Energy Now, Road Tips.”

CD1203E “Maximize Your Health: Nutrilite’s Women’s Pack, Nutrilite’s Men’s Pack, The Five Foods You Should Never Eat, Weight Loss Question: How Would You Prevent Obesity, Research Update: Fasting and the Immune System, Weight Loss Update – Sarcopenic Obesity, Shaking My Head – Science by Headline, Health Tips from Over 90”

Additional digital only audios will be added ongoingly!

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