Nashville BDS [May 20]: Bring a change of clothes Saturday…Volleyball Practice!!

We are serious! We are going to beat the Canadians!

Bring a change of clothes and a lawn chair tomorrow. We have reserved a volleyball court for after the Business Development Seminar at Centennial Park. Be sure and change at the hotel right after the seminar since their is not a changing room at the park. And make your plans now to pick up dinner on the way over to the park. Everyone is invited. Players and cheerleaders are welcome. This is happening! 🙂

Directions to Centennial Volleyball Park

Briley Parkway northwest to I 65 South to Charlotte, East 31st St, South to Centennial Park near the back.

We are serious! Game on! Practice on!

See you on the practice field for some fun!

🙂 🙂

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