Attention! Attention! – $500

All who are wanting to hit their goals and start experiencing their dreams heads up! We are throwing in everything to focus on the basics and help make the Eagle Cruise even more exciting!

Eagle Cruise

First-All who each month (May & June):

  1. Show the Plan 15 times, and
  2. Sponsor at least 1, and
  3. Do their 50/150

are invited to (very) VIP seating with the Emeralds, Diamonds and guest speakers and a steak dinner Saturday night at Family Reunion.

We want as many as possible to participate in the United States VS. Canada Volley Ball Championship in the Bahamas! You are invited to compete or be part of our cheer team!


All who qualify as Eagles or above will have their names entered in a drawing to cover $500 in travel expenses to the Eagle Cruise.

Plan now to be with us in February 2018 to walk the tropical beaches with us or go snorkeling or jet skiing and enjoy delicious feasts ! Help as many as possible get to Family Reunion and learn how to accomplish their goals!




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