Notes from Jerry & Cherry: Rise of the Entrepreneur



  As you read through these think about what you can add to your presentation.  What speaks to you?  What do you think will speak to those you meet? 


These were a few thoughts that stuck out to us from YWC ’17.  What sticks out to you?


For the first time in countries around the world people feel their children will not do as well as their parents.  People are overworked and underpaid.  35% of heart attacks increase on Monday mornings as people start their work week.  So much of our lives revolve around our work.  There is another way!  Today you can be an Entrepreneur without risk!

The way we work is being changed: 

1.  Rapidly advancing technology. 

2.  Many experts feel job security is obsolete, but people are still taught to get a job 

3.  Financial education is not taught.

4.  Incomes have been coming down. 

5.  People are working 50 weeks just for 2 weeks vacation or a “stay-cation”  because they can’t afford to go anywhere. 

Some people are spending most of their life in traffic.  Is this living your dreams?   You can control your future.  Put your future in your hands.  What will give you the best chance to move up?  Be an Entrepreneur.  You have to be a Business owner.  Be resourceful and unstoppable.  Have a vision beyond where you are.  The Entrepreneur is in control.  You control what you get.  You determine your team and how much you will do.




  1. we are the hope for people all over the world, we just have to spread the words, Martine Belgium


  2. Great points to share with people, there is hope out there for them!


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