Thank You to the Nashville Speakers – A Pinecone and a Goal


We want to thank Dave and Lilli Stevens for a great seminar this past weekend.  They did such a great job teaching!  Their demonstration about how to fit a dream/goal into our busy schedule was simple and an “Oh, well that makes sense and I can do that” moment. 

It goes like this.  Take a jar and fill a third with sand and the rest with pebbles.  Now try to fit a pinecone into the jar.  It doesn’t fit, right?  Well, the sand represents all the little things like washing your car, playing video games, Facebook, watching TV/movies… as Dave put it, “The things that people won’t remember you for when you pass away”.  The pebbles are the things you have to do such as work or showing up for traffic court.  🙂  The pinecone is your dream/goal and what you need to do to get your dream.  Now, take the pinecone and put it in the same size jar, first.  Next, pour in the same amount of pebbles, shake it a little as your are doing that.  Then, put the same amount of sand and shake the jar as you are doing so.  It all fits in…well, maybe a few grains of sand won’t make it, but how important are they anyhow?  It is a matter of priority and planning.  That is how achieving a dream fits into our busy schedules.  That one example was worth the seminar!  Oh, Dave had some new fighter pilot stories, too.  That was cool!

This is how you build the groundwork for a business on the side of a job which later, when you quit your job, allows you to live on a lake and write three books on your own schedule.  Just ask the Stevens.

Thanks Dave and Lilli

  1. Excellent plan. Smiles for fabulous success. My mentors. 🤗🌹💟🦅🦅🦅


  2. Dave and Lilli: Your the best. Keep the dream. I never heard the storie with the pinecone as the dream. Inspiration to excel is represented in your leadership actions each day. Thanks, friends.
    Jo Ann Jones


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