Champion partnership: NUTRILITE and AC Milan Championship Soccer Team




A cooperation for advanced sports nutrition.


UEFA European Championship June 10 – July 10, 2016 France

Football fans all over Europe are bursting at the seams. Come June, their eyes will be on the UEFA European Championship , which kicks off in France with the best of Europe’s football players, many of whom play for prestigious club teams. Among these, AC Milan will provide key players for the Italian national lineup.

High-tech scientific hub

Football laymen might not know that AC Milan footballers on their way to France 2016 have one thing in common: their physical condition is determined by the MilanLab. Spearheaded by Dr Daniele Tognaccini, this training and research centre looks after the wellbeing and athletic conditioning of AC Milan’s main and junior teams to provide athletes with optimal nutrition and supplementation. This is where Amway comes into play: since 2008, it has been a sponsor of AC Milan and NUTRILITE as an official supplement provider.

Amway is of course proud to be such a huge stakeholder in the success of one of the most valuable teams in Europe. But how does this relationship work?

A holistic approach

The goal of the MilanLab is to focus on both the internal and external wellbeing of each player, to boost performance and avoid injuries, says Dr Tognaccini. Both NUTRILITE and MilanLab share the same holistic approach to a person’s wellbeing that derives from scientific rigour and evidence, as well as from awareness that every aspect of an individual should be taken into account, from lifestyle to genetics.

player-nutrililitePersonalised supplement intake

In Milanello (the MilanLab headquarters and sports centre), the kitchen receives a menu for the entire squad, but it also cooks specially customised dishes for athletes who have to follow a specific diet. MilanLab Nutritionist Dr Francesco Avaldi said he likes “to give these guys examples of optimal nutrition: we tell them to have a slice of bread the size of a poker card, same thing for a bowl of rice, it should be the size of a tennis ball. Why this way? So that players can follow the same nutritional rules when at home with their families or with their personal cooks.”

The footballers also take supplements every day to balance the deficit of iron, vitamins D, B9 and B12, and antioxidants. “The latter are very important because they fight the formation of free radicals, which is quite high in sportsmen of this calibre due to their intense physical activity, together with the psychological stress,” says Dr Avaldi. Players who may have been initially sceptical about the products have now come to fully embrace them. “One of the products we use the most is NUTRILITE DOUBLE X™, a mix of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.”

Vision and research geared towards our wellbeing

One of Dr Avaldi’s tasks is to come up with nutrition and supplementation plans pre- and post- game. “After a match, they take NUTRILITE All Plant Protein and nutritional supplements, such as vitamins belonging to the B group.”

AC Milan Defender Mattio De Sciglio is also a supporter of NUTRILITE products. “I believe it’s a very important collaboration. Apart from marketing purposes, NUTRILITE helps us balance our vitamins and minerals. It’s also a great way to integrate those elements we might be lacking.”

Of course, you don’t have to be an elite athlete or a professional soccer player to reap the benefits of these supplements. In fact, the basis of what’s good for a world-class athlete may benefit ABOs and their customers, too. And the reason is simple: not only are these products advanced enough to be chosen by a successful sports team, but they also originate from eight decades of vision and research geared towards physical wellbeing.

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