Achievers 2015…..Amazing!!!


First class amazing!  That is what these trips are about.  It is really hard to communicate the experience.  Renting out one of the Disney World parks is not enough, but renting out Universal Studios during the same weekend makes it just right.  🙂  Of course, the kids have to be included, too!  After all the numbers were in there were about 9000 people running around, eating, riding, eating, riding and having a blast because they were the only people in parks designed for ten of thousands of people.  An armada of well over 50 buses were used to shuttle everyone around.  And to ensure the “big kids” could meet under one roof there is only one type of building that will do, an arena.  All of this for free!  There are not too many coporations that can do this.  There are not too many corporations that can afford to do this.

Don’t miss out on this year’s Achievers!

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