Free Enterprise Conference…the Big Picture Experience

DSC03023Sssooooo, how do you explain a weekend with a few thousand people to a new person? 
As you have heard before pictures don’t do it justice.  And after hearing about some new people who attended, even though they were there they still could not get their head around it.  But, they had a blast and were excited they went!

The picture above is about 3/4’s of the way back.  This is one event of about 15 that are going on around the United States.  And there are even more being held in many countries around the world.  We are fortunate to have some of the most reputable speakers and great information.  The crowds are big, the stage is big, and the speakers are big!  We added more pictures to the Steak and Egg breakfast so check that out, too.

New high level Haitian business owners

New high level Haitian business owners.

One of the best stories we heard during the weekend was from the new high level Haitian business owners.   They kind of, well…took away all of the excuses.  As you know Haiti is still struggling since the hurricane which literally ravaged the country a few years earlier.  These business owners were able to build a huge business without the technology, delivery system, and communication system we have here in the United States.  Just to clarify, they did not have the Internet to handle or process orders.  They did not have UPS to deliver their product.  Their product was delivered from distributor to distributor by hand.  Five years prior, their business was basically not doing any volume.  But, they decided to go for it!  And they did.  Free Enterprise is still alive around the world.  Free Enterprise means people are free to achieve what they would like to achieve, despite what people say is possible!

Jeff & Jola

Jeff & Jola

The weekend didn’t end Saturday evening.  We had a great time during the Achievers Luncheon Sunday afternoon.We didn’t know this, but the Meadows’ business had one of the top points qualifiers in their business doctor and lawyer, Jeff and Jola. And while they were not all recognized Sunday, the Meadows’ business had 11 of the top 20 points achievers for the year. A number of them were even in the top 10 and recognized Sunday afternoon during the luncheon.  Wow, we were even surprised!

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