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October 2014

Born to ski

Meet professional freeskier, producer, coach and XS Brand Ambassador Sandra Lahnsteiner.

Sandra Lahnsteiner has made extreme skiing into a lifestyle, constantly pushing herself in search of new adventures. In addition, she’s engaged in other exciting projects and has started her own production company, making freeski movies. Her second film, called “Shades of Winter”, is coming out this autumn, and she’s working on her next project for 2016. Lahnsteiner has many interests, and XSTM Power Drink is proud to stand behind her career as her personal sponsor.

XS Power Drink was also the presenting partner of the Open Faces Freeride Contests 2014 in Austria. One of the stops on the tour was at Sandra’s partner resort Uttendorf – Weißsee Gletscherwelt. It was thanks to her that the Open Faces Contest came to this secret spot in the national park “Hohe Tauern”, with its ideal freeskiing conditions.

In this exclusive interview, Sandra talks about her passions and career.

When did you realise that skiing was your passion, and when did you decide to concentrate entirely on freeskiing?

Sandra: I grew up skiing. I am grateful to my parents, especially my dad, who put me on little plastic skis when I was just two years old. I simply fell in love with the sport, right from the start! I started racing but soon realised that skiing has so much more to offer. While I was studying sport science, I started working as a skiing instructor. It was then that I discovered my love for powder skiing and set myself this new challenge. It took a few more years, but in the end I became a professional freeskier. I’m sure my love for skiing, snow and the mountains will never end!

Could you imagine using a ski lift and skiing down a normal piste like other people? Or is the thrill of freeskiing too great?

Totally! I still love skiing on slopes, especially in the autumn, on the glaciers. That’s the perfect way to improve your technique and it prepares you for the freeskiing season. Even during winter when the conditions are not necessarily “powdery”, I still love it.

What is your favourite XS Power Drink flavour?

My favourite is the Electric Lemon Blast. I love to drink it on a long office day, sitting at my computer. But I also drink it after sport, mixed with water.

You are also a mental and athletic coach for ski Olympic gold medallist Anna Fenninger. What makes working with other athletes interesting?

I’ve been working with Anna for ten years. I also work with World Cup racer Nici Schmidhofer and other athletes. I love to push them and help them reach their personal goals. I’m really passionate about putting together plans and searching for new training tools and methods.

You travel a lot. What’s your favourite place?

That’s a difficult question! Japan and Alaska are totally different, but they’re two of my favourite spots. The best thing about travelling the world is meeting new, like-minded people, and discovering new cultures and countries. It makes you more open-minded. But I love Austria, my home. Growing up and living here will always be the best present I’ve received. I will always ski here.

To your many fans out there, how would you describe Sandra Lahnsteiner and XS Power Drink in two words?

I would go for “powerful” and “passionate”!

You can read more about Sandra and her work by visiting her personal website here.

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