Peter Island – The Experience


Let me be clear.  Peter Island is less a location and more an experience.  There are no words to describe that incredible week of relaxed pampering in a tropical paradise.  Although the resort can hold up to 100 people, you hardly see anyone outside of the restaurants.  And even then, it feels like an intimate gathering of friends.  We had a privately catered dinner for 12 at the Crow’s Nest our first evening.  The Crows Nest rents for $8000 a night, and the food was beyond compare.  Prawns, steak and lamb chops for starters.  And each meal of the week seemed to top the previous ones.

Miss Jean greeted us at breakfast and greeted us every day by name from that day forward.  She’s the personality of Peter Island, and truly a legend.  Plan on Coconut Crusted French Toast and Eggs Benedict for breakfast.  To die for.

Deadman’s Beach for sailing, sail boarding, kayaking, swimming, laying in the sun and raising your yellow flag to have someone bring you food or drink.

The Baths for snorkeling.  Or take out a boat for fishing or scuba.

There’s The Loop for breathtaking sunsets.

And of course The Spa.  The world famous spa.  Massages, facials, steam bath, swimming pool, hot tub by the sea.  But how do we describe the peace without taking you there?

The photos we’ve sent are our feeble attempt to pass the Peter Island experience on to you.  But the only way to “get it” is to earn your own trip.  We promise you it will be a trip of your lifetime, and all you have to do is show the plan enough times.  C’mon, you know you can do that.

Dan & Betsy


  1. Geraldine Diamond & Martin Harris September 2, 2017 at 10:29 AM

    Wow! Thank you! So grateful to you for sharing your experience Dan & Betsy, it helps to make the rewards more real to those of us who are striving to achieve the same.. Keep on posting these inspirational photos etc…they have a huge impact. All the best. Ger & Martin.


  2. Thanks for sharing the photos to make the dream come alive! Congratulations on earning YOUR trip, Dan and Betsy!


  3. Dan & Betsy, you deserve every second you partied on Peter Island. We need to go together. Let’s do it!!!


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