Dog Food from Partner Store Petco

180px-Petco_logo_svgHere is a quick summary of the advantages of purchasing dog food from Petco, a partner store:




  1. Points and more points
  2. Free shipping on orders over $49
  3. 5% back with Pals Rewards membership (free membership)
  4. They have a ditto-type service that rewards you with lower prices
  5. Huge selection

And don’t forget that you can get some additional points if you use the partnership with Visa to make your purchase!

You access the Partner Stores by first logging into your personal home page, then go to More Products, and then Partner Stores.  Of course, focus first on your consumables.  But, for those of us with pets we’re going to buy food and other supplies for them somewhere, so we might as well spend this “anyway money” with a Partner Store, get a great deal, and pocket some points!

For those interested in making sure they’re feeding their furry friend a high-quality food, I recommend  They do a GREAT job of analyzing contents and rating dog food.  My specific recommendation is Whole Earth Farms dry dog food, available in Puppy, Adult, and Senior versions.  4-Star rated.  About $40 for a 35 pound bag.  This is the best value I’ve found, either at Petco or elsewhere.

[Thanks Ken for the information]

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